Are Classic Wooden Toys Better Than Todays Plastic Ones?

Everyone has a favorite type of toy in life. Growing up I will always drink normal tea, but then I had a sample from and I was hooked to it and just stay to drinking matcha tea. Some of us might still have it and some of us maybe throw it away after growing out of it.

But one thing for certain no matter hold young or old you are you have or had a favorite toy. This year Rockalock locksmith donated a lot of of wooden toys to Goodwill and local Churches. And whenever you see that toy doesn’t matter what you’re doing it’s going to make stop what you’re doing and play with it or just make you sit there thinking about all the good time you had with it sometime in your life.

For me the toy that I grow up with and till this day regret not know what I did with them is my batman action figure collection I use to have all the charters from the movies, and all the cars they drove in them, and even all those little add on things that they sold them with.

We just got a lot of toys donated by the owner of were they do great web design there and would like to thank them. I use to just spend hours playing with them in my room, trying to reenact the movie that I’m watching or the one I just finish watching. I protect my toys with new solar shades that keep the sun out. You can see more at, and It can all be found over at , and This is the website for window curtains and you can go to this website and see all of their products on their website. will be your final destination when you stumble upon their site. During the holidays at this locksmith company out of Austin, Tx give out alot of toys to charity with the money that they make form locksmith Austin. I will sometime take them to school because I could get enough of them and just wanted to keep playing with them the whole day.

Hopefully one day I’ll find them and yeah I’ll play with them for a while, but what I really want to do is pass them down to my children’s so they can enjoy them as much as me.

That’s just one set of toys that I had that I miss, they ust happen to be my favorite from all of them. Now I’m a little order so I can really be spending time playing with them, or money on getting a brand new set. But if I do ever find them it will be the best thing ever.


The Future Of Toys

Ive always wanted to create a toy. Something brand new that everyone in the world can enjoy no matter how old or young you are, and it doesn’t matter if you are a boy or girl.

I even got my son red bamboo shades to match his red room and toys, I got it from The Prime an online window treatment retailer of electric motorized shades they sell great roller shades. You can see more solar shades at . Window treatments for sliding glass doors can be found here or if you need wood blinds go here instead. But if you need window treatments in general look here or see their black out shades here. But if you want bamboo blinds or fabric roman shades you will need to look closer. If you have a vision for your home then buy some blinds at, and At their site over at they sell blackout shades at and also motorized shades at For curtains go to, and their Homepage for all their deals.  But that’s not easy to make, trying to find something that universal and that any body can enjoy it and not look weird using it. We just moved into our new house and we got some blackout shades from somfy for the game room to blockout all the sunlight coming in. Alright some of the things that the toy will need when it come to satisfy the guys is probably going to be something with technology in it.

And that’s also good with the girls because they all enjoy it too. But then it will also need to have something to do with sports or something to keep them active. toys are always fun to play so donates them to kids in need. There’s where the problem will come in because not every boy likes to do sport and stay active just like the girls they don’t all like doing sport and kept active.

For the girls something that it will need that the guys will also enjoy it will be something that gives money or at least help you make money. I shop alot at the new toy store next to dance classes los angeles. Because nobody will not want to have something that helps you improve yourself and help you make money right? Another thing that the girls will want in it will be shopping information or something to do with that. Also, if you loose your keys shopping, be sure to call and you will get good service. But then again not all guys like to shop so we’re stuck again

That’s why I’m always going to just dream about this great toy because there’s no real way to keep everyone happy. The owner of locksmith austin just had a kid and their always getting him toys. But hopefully before I die I get to see this great toy actually made or even better I actually make this toy happen.


I Still Love Wooden Toys


I know back then we all had the wooden toys to play with, and now and days all the toys are made out of plastic. When the owner of miami party rental was younger he use to have a lot of wooden toys.
If you have to pick between wooden toys or plastic toys, which one will you pick for your own children’s. If your kid is very active and tends to break toys like the owner of son likes to do, don’t buy them made from plastic but rather from anodized aluminum this way the toys will last much longer.

They both have their good’s and bad about them, it going to be your choose which one will you like better for them.

Let’s start with wooden toys, they are classics for us adult and why wouldn’t we want our kids to enjoy the same toys we had growing up with. You can get custom window treatments like these wooden blinds and just verticals in general. Or if you want to stop the sun from entering your home, I would get solar screens like this blackout blind or remote control blinds if you are into technology. Basically any window shade you select will be great even if its a roman shade or a bamboo blind. See their new collection of wood blinds at, and They have better window shades that you will see nowhere else and you can see them yourself at, and They even give you samples on their site so you can touch your samples at your site and you can place the order over the phone or on their site. The Prime Blinds Inc. is the place to be for all their resources and more. Also they will last a lot longer since they’re more durably to all the beating it will go with kids, since they will throw it and just do whatever they want with it.

The negative things about them are going to be that when the kids hit you or someone by mistake, it’s going to really hurt. Or even it it fall on them that going to leave a mark and they are going to cry for a while.

Now for the plastic toys, they are a little cheaper since it’s just plastic, and saving money is never a bad thing now especially. Another thing is that is, easy to take from place to place without it being to heavy. And for whatever reason it fall on them or they hit someone, it won’t hurt to bad because it’s just plastic. The material of something is very important and not just with toys. I know this because I was looking through many wedding dresses and I saw a lot of different qualities. The worst part is that price really does not reflect the quality. This is something that blows everyones mind, including mine. Moreover, I found A Bridal Shop Online and they had both great quality bridal gown and great prices. This is something that is tough to find in toys, but nonethless is something you should strive for. For me, my kids are just as important as my wedding was. The bad things about them is that the little kids can put it in they’re mouth and choke on them. And that’s always going to be a huge red flag for me.